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Successful, influential and respected, powerhouse agent Jacqueline Thompson of Surterre Properties continues to set sales records from Canyon to Coast. Jacqueline is known for representing luxury estates within the most coveted enclaves along the California Riviera, achieving over $1.6 billion in career transactions since 2008.

She began her career by working diligently with buyers and sellers in Crystal Cove and Newport Coast’s Pelican communities where she established her reputation for results. Today, Jacqueline is renowned for her expertise and performance in BOTH Shady Canyon — where she has sold over $950 million — and in the exclusive coastal communities within Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Corona del Mar where she has recorded $650 million-plus in sales.

Consistently named a top producing agent nationwide by the Wall Street Journal, Jacqueline has been a leader in OC’s luxury sector for more than a decade, delivering impressive results and world-class service. Her impressive roster of longtime local, national and international clients trust her implicitly and refer her confidently.

As the Founder and Principal of The Jacqueline Thompson Group, Jacqueline is supported by a dedicated team of experienced real estate professionals. She is known for delivering deals quickly and efficiently, with a strategic hands-on approach and an uncanny ability to negotiate win-win transactions — in even the most complex markets and situations — time after time.

Jacqueline’s passion for her work ensures her clients receive 24/7 responsiveness, complete transparency and accountability, and the region’s most in-depth understanding of the market and its nuances. As her valued clients will attest, she is extremely hands-on in her work, never handing off a listing to her assistants. Further, she ensures her clients’ success on every purchase and sale by delivering ultra-attentive service, extensive market knowledge, the ability to pinpoint and reach the target buyer pool, and proven tenacity and effectiveness in negotiations. Jacqueline Thompson is experienced in international business intricacies, negotiating styles, and marketing tactics.

Our Track Record

Our Accomplishments

Jacqueline Thompson’s real estate accomplishments in Shady Canyon

  • Highest price per square foot sold for a custom estate in the community
  • Highest priced Masters Collection home sold
  • Highest priced Villa home sold
  • Highest price per square foot for a Villa home
  • Highest priced Sycamore home sold

Jacqueline Thompson’s achievements in Orange County real estate

  • The Pelican’s: One of the highest price per square foot sold for an estate in The Pelican’s
  • Crystal Cove: One of the highest-priced lots sold in the community enclaves of Seacrest and Seabourn
  • Newport Beach: The highest-priced home sold in Linda Isle
  • Cameo Shores: The highest price per square foot and second-highest price sold for an original home
  • Laguna Beach oceanfront: Achieving a sales price of more than $3,200 per square foot
  • Laguna Beach north of PCH: Sale of the highest-priced home in a non-gated community
  • Dana Point: The highest price lot sold in the community of Ritz Cove
Jacqueline Thompson Group at Suterre Properties

Meaningful Wellbeing

Recently a client said to me, “Jacqueline, I know life is busy, so please don’t worry about the small things.”

To which I replied, “I find meaning in being able to help with large and small details alike. Oftentimes the little things are the big things.”

This conversation inspired me to outline a few small things that, without fail, end up being the big things. In a time when enhanced vitality is highly sought after, and elevated day-to-day interactions are coveted, this recipe for meaningful wellbeing may be just what the doctor ordered.

To serve others well, taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self is vital. Putting you first isn’t selfish; it’s selfless. So you can serve others with excellence.

As those closest to me know, you can often find me on a Pilates reformer late at night. This is my space to get out of my head and into my body. Developing this small daily habit has been transformative in helping me release stress and build confidence.

Trust me, I know that when you are always go-go-go, it can be challenging to eat properly. However, nutrition impacts physical performance, hormones, metabolism, and more. So don’t skimp on nutrition. Your body is the only home your soul dwells in.

There will alway be external factors that impact our lives, which is why practicing gratitude helps set the tone for your day, interactions with others, and beyond. Rise each morning with an attitude of gratitude.

Studies have shown that our environment has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Take note of how you fell in different spaces within your home, and if something feels off, connect with a Feng Shui expert or an interior designer to help you reimagine the space.

What they say about us

Client Testimonials

2 weeks ago
One of the best decisions we have made in 2022 was hiring Jacqueline Thompson to SELL our home! Jacqueline set out to exceed our expectations, and she went above and beyond our expectations. We are ecstatic with her services! Jacqueline will be the only real estate agent that we will... read more
3 weeks ago
Jacqueline Thompson and her group is the best Real Estate Agent / representatives for Shady Canyon, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Irvine area. Jacqueline truly understands the market. She went out of her way to help both buyers and sellers. I just recently have a chance... read more
3 years ago
We have bought and sold many homes in the past 30 years and Jacqueline stands out as the most professional, knowledgeable, and nicest realtor we have ever met. When you hire her, you are hiring her TEAM of professionals not just one salesperson. Selling a high-end home requires... read more
cindy furst
7 years ago
Jacqueline Thompson is the highest quality realtor one can find. Her overall knowledge, exposure, and expertise to the largest mid-area of Orange County is a very rare finding. She was able to sell our home in Shady Canyon for an extremely high price in 2007 when no one... read more
Christine Kim
7 years ago
We are greatly appreciative of Jacqueline Thompson and her staff for the sale of our home in Shady Canyon! Six years ago, we were looking for a home in Shady. We had seen several homes, but Jacqueline's listings stood out the most. We were impressed by her knowledge of the... read more
7 years ago
"Jacqueline Thompson is the hardest working real estate agent we have ever worked with! We recently listed and successfully sold our home with Jacqueline, who remained trustworthy from beginning to end. When we decided to sell our custom estate in Shady Canyon, we met with Jacqueline and we were...
7 years ago
We have been very lucky to work with Jacqueline Thompson. Her Knowledge, her expertise, responsiveness and negotiation skills are amazing. She has done wonders and miracles for us and we recommend her highly.
7 years ago
Our experience with Jacqueline Thomson has been extremely positive in a number of transactions in OC including sale & purchase as well as leasing of high-end properties. Jacqueline is simply an outstanding Agent - dedicated, responsive, honest, intelligent and highly knowledgeable about the...
7 years ago
Jacqueline is the most professional realtor we have ever worked with in over 20 years. She has provided her expertise in all of our real estate transactions. I highly recommend her for all real estate needs in the exclusive Orange County areas including Newport Coast and Shady Canyon.